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The event starts with an intro into flow velocity pipe sizing and pressure drop or ‘resistance to flow’ as I prefer to explain it. The maths to do this is the simplest of schoolboy maths little more than you need for ACS as I have removed all the complex stuff. This event is for installers not University graduates. I talk in Installer lingo and only use units that you already understand like degrees, litres, head, and so on! I go through the benefits of Priority Hot Water and the need for it on all new gas-powered cylinder systems along with the advantage of high recovery coil cylinders.

We move on to pumps and pump maps learning how to read the maps and size a pump. Continuing on to balancing and how it’s all about controlling flow to keep the return temperature down and actually what it is you are balancing to what?

We consider various TRV’s from the cheapo wax stat ‘normal ’ones, the better ‘pre settable’ ones and the new era ‘pressure independent’ ones. Correct radiator sizing is also critical – especially as we move towards lower flow temperature systems – again it’s all about keeping that return temperature low, whilst keeping the heat output correct.

Day 2 starts with designing from scratch a small 4 bed house using all the knowledge from day 1. We design with various pipe sizes in both copper and plastic to highlight the differences.  Then again, the same dwelling but with a much lower flow & return temp as we all know low temperature systems are also very much on the horizon. We talk about VDi2035 the alternate way to keep systems clean without using endless chemicals.

UFH brings us back with a bang about flow as we move away from ∆t 20 radiator zones towards ∆t 7 UFH zones meaning hydronic separation is almost certainly needed. This introduces the very misunderstood Low Loss Header & Close Coupled or closely spaced T’s. As with most things they are uncomplicated in operation & easy to understand once the mystique and old wife’s tales of these simple but essential devices are dispelled.

LLH also open the option for twin boilers for extremely large domestic properties with multiple zones with maybe a swimming pool so we take some time to design a large multi zone property with multiple boilers & varying flow requirements. It’s all achieved using the same principles & calculations just with larger numbers. These much larger systems may benefit from using pump stations so we take a look at those and how if used in the right application they can be a real asset.

The last major section is preparing for Heat Pumps. With the accumulated wisdom of the training so far the ability to do an accurate survey on a Retrofit Heat Pump is now quite straightforward. The ∆t of these pumps is often as low as 5 so pipe sizing due to the larger flow requirements is critical- as is the system pump that powers it all. The much lower Mean or ‘Middle’ as I prefer to call it Water Temperature now also means radiator sizing is imperative but if we apply the simple formulas and use the same approach of everything else we have done so far – it’s just another simple & straightforward calculation. There is no room for guesswork or mistakes with Heat Pumps.

Retro fit Heat Pumps usually need a buffer so we chat about the pros & cons of different types of buffer and the difference between a buffer to aid in reducing cycling & not acting as a heat store.

We finish off with a look at some ‘choice’ pictures from the internet.  By then you can all make educated and constructive comments about what you are looking at. It’s a nice light humorous end to the two days. Also at various times during the days – there is an ongoing quiz refreshing what we have been doing – and the lucky winner gets a bit of a prize.

All attendees are given an aide memoir with some really useful time saving cheat sheets and memory jogs to help you remember in the future.

So if this sounds like the sort of stuff you want to understand more about see my courses  to book or sign up to get notifications of forthcoming dates .

My events are held regularly at the Heating Academy in Northampton however I do a road show across the whole of Great Britain each year with around 12 venues. So if you are a million miles from Northampton get on the list to be notified as these come up. Due to COVID this may take some time to arrange at present.

The days are relaxed I enjoy every moment of them so give yourself a couple of days to stay ahead and I really look forward to meeting you.




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