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12 Years On

Imagine you want to renew your 12-year-old car or phone… Or your 12-year-old laptop, games console, TV, Sky box, printer, food processor, camera, in fact anything 12 years old- what would you expect? Can you remember what a 12-year-old phone did (or didn’t do)? The difference on all of these things 12 years on would be humongous! You would have…

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Lets look at 4 pipe vs 2 pipe The boilers referred to in this article all have the functionality to control the diverter valve from the software in the boiler, ie there are some terminals to attach the DV valve cables to.  Not all boilers have this (Ideal and Vokera being a good example) however these  boilers can still be …

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There are various ways to implement PDHW. Some  manus  get  the boiler to control the DV situated  inside the case just like a combi does. (will talk later about ways of doing PDHW with a boiler that doesn’t control the DV) In fact its often the same combi DV  that you add to a system boiler to make it PDHW….

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Trying to comply to Part L

I have been trying to fathom out the (presumably deliberate) lack of parameters to actually size a boiler under the new part L regs. At the moment  these absurd guidelines  say such ambiguous and vague comments as : boiler is not “significantly oversized” can modulate down to the “typical heating load of the building” and the boiler set to “match…

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Heating Academy at The Installer Show

The recent Installer Show was well attended by both exhibitors and visitors and coincided with a long overdue uplift in Part L building regulations. But despite all the exhibitors claims of saving the planet, there was little there to help the 22.5 million gas powered homes. For just as the new Part L regulations fall short on guaranteeing that boilers…

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Being Accountable

Domestic heating is about 40% of our emissions. We as Installers and Engineers should all be doing a lot more to make this figure shrink – but there is no help or support or training for us, when we try. The Boiler Manu’s have no interest in making the millions of condensing boilers fitted in the last 10 years that…

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The Heating Academy: introducing two day courses

[3 minute read] The event starts with an intro into flow velocity pipe sizing and pressure drop or ‘resistance to flow’ as I prefer to explain it. The maths to do this is the simplest of schoolboy maths little more than you need for ACS as I have removed all the complex stuff. This event is for installers not University…

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