Hi I’m Kimbo

Knowledge is a great thing to share.

I am all but retired and originally from an Electrical Engineering background.

In my time, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a massive gap between the University degree with theoretical maths needing awesome formulas, and part 3 of a plumbers certificate. My aim is to close that gap with my range of one-day courses.

One single day certainly won’t get you ready to design hospital sized heating systems, but it will enable you to understand the best way to get the right amount of hot water at the right temperature to the right place at the right time in a domestic environment!

I talk in installers lingo using the most basic of units and maths aiming to deliver the principles of how it all works. I love seeing the ‘light-bulb’ moment when it all ‘clicks into place’ for yet another attendee. The classes are small and the atmosphere relaxed, so please do get in touch and come along.